Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a support plan cost?

Our support plans start from as little as 100.00 pounds per month. Chances are you already have support costs already, or are using an IT management company on a fixed contract basis. If this is the case we offer a free service to asses your needs and offer you a quote.

We would very much like your business and will always find ways to offer you a better support package than you currently have.

How does your service differ from what I have?

The short answer is we are generally faster than most IT management companies. You have the direct number of the technician who looks after your school as well as the secondary technician, not for a switchboard or secretary. It's easier. No matter what the question or problem, it can be dealt with by your dedicated technician rather than being referred to someone else.

We take the time with school staff, answering any questions they have. Often small things make a huge difference to individual staff members.

What about not for profit IT management companies?

We would like to think that the decision to use an IT management company is not about the whether the company earns a profit or not. In each case there is a cost to your own school. Whether your school is public or private, your own costs and requirements remain the most important consideration. In every case we will always remain cheaper than not for profit organisations, with better service too.

Do you have a reference?

We sure do. We are fortunate enough to manage some lovely schools and youth organisations in Devon. We are sure that they are substantial enough for you to consider working with us. If you would like to discuss this further then feel free to get in touch.

We need you to undergo DBS checks, can you do that?

Certainly, we already have DBS certificates to hand for your inspection or you can apply for your own checks too.

Do you also supply IT equipment?

We do. When your school needs new equipment then feel free to ask us for a quote, your technician should be able to give you a price in a timely manner. We also repair devices at our own dedicated workshop. Feel free to come and see.

Can we do a small trial?

Yes. That would be a nice way of getting to know each other. We are happy to do small trial periods, it gives the school a chance to get used to new faces. More importantly you can see how we work and decide if you wish to continue using our services.

Would you like to know more?